fxy (beta)


Mint your generative art on the Cardano blockchain.
Cardano offers low minting fees and a growing community of artists and collectors.

during beta phase: free minting for your generative art collection (only blockchain fees apply, paid by the buyer in the multi-sig transaction) if you hold a Rorschach Algorithm Beasts NFT. Apply in the Discord with your collection.

interested? join the Discord.


Cardano allows up to 16 kB per transaction, out of which around 14-15 kB can be effectively used for on-chain storage of code. The unique advantage: no external storage solution (like IPFS, Arweave) needed! Your code generating the art will exist on-chain as long the the chain exist itself. No pinning needed.

Rorschach Algorithm Beasts


No new language needed! Write your art in vanilla Javascript or GLSL shader code as you're used to! A simple preprocessor language takes care of seed value randomization and filling the metadata.

Automatic compression and thumbnail generation during the minting process! Thumbnails can be either on-chain (limited size) or IPFS.



Multi-sig minting enables transactions directly between the buyer and the artist. Payment for the NFT and delivery are done within a single transaction: no intermediate minting wallet and faster minting experience!


Find generative art collections on Cardano with an optimized viewing experience for on-chain NFTs.

Distration free - focus on the art.

Enhanced viewing mode soon: watch and download your NFTs in high resolution!